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Bespoke Service

Have you thought how 'handy' our HandyBacs® or hand lotions would be at your upcoming conference, team build, wedding or party? Have you considered how a premium scented DeskBac would look at the entrance to your event, till point or restaurant tables?

Well we can help you take this to the next level with a full customisable sanitiser, bespoke labels or even a full bespoke fragrance*?

Contact to start the discussion, we would love to hear from you!

*min order applies.

The perfect match

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Mix and match from our whole range of products to have a totally customised collection.


Team Appreciation

We've had some incredible opportunities to work with companies to provide a bespoke and hygienic way to recognise and reward their team members. This is perfect for team building exercises, team recognition events or recruitment open days.

Birthday / Corporate Events

Look no further for a quirky addition to your next conference, corporate away day or special birthday! We can create a custom product for you to your exact specifications, both in HandyBac or DeskBac, just drop us an email to start the conversation,


Weddings / Bridal Parties

Whether you're on the lookout for a 'Scent-sational' and practical wedding favour, or a unique addition to your big day, we can create a completely custom design and even a fragrance of your choice, just drop us an email to start a conversation,

Ready to go designs

If you have a small number of HandyBacs needed for your wedding, baby shower or birthday, check out our HandyBac section to view some ready to go designs for your event.

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