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Best of Scents was derived from two best of friends who wanted to bring fun & quirky antibacs to the UK and shake up the market! So Best of Scents was created during the day job at 40'000ft


"Hand Sanitiser doesn't have to be boring" is our mantra and we have experimented with scents to bring you the smells from the tropics to the beaches. 

We wanted to create the best option for scented & kind hand sanitiser to allow it to become a joy to use in our daily life, not a chore.

Most common hand sanitiser will most likely use ethanol. Ethanol is a mass produced alcohol and is very cheap compared to isopropyl and can cause your hands to feel very dry and crack over time. All of our sanitisers use 70% isopropyl alcohol by volume. We never use Ethanol because we think we deserve better! Our sanitiser is also formulated to evaporate within 30 seconds so you never EVER get that ‘sticky’ feeling, all you get is great fragrance and germ free hands.


Unlike most common ethanol based sanitisers that try and counter the drying effects of the alcohol by adding glycerine, we use aloe vera, meaning our hand sanitiser will leave your hands soft and moisturised, enhancing your skin after every use instead of damaging it. As all of our sanitisers are scented and coloured, as soon as the alcohol evaporates our amazing scents come through and can be smelt subtly hours after. Best of all, they're fully certified BSEN 1276 & BSEN 1500 so can be used pretty much everywhere from shops, hospitals to schools & gyms.

We also feel passionately about the good that we do, therefore all of our products are made here in the UK. They contain No animal products and have never and will never be tested on animals! .


So brighten up your 'Co-co Loco life' and 'Flower Power' through the 'Best of Scents' to 'Squeeze the Day' in style! Why use normal when you can buy Flamango?

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