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Best of Scents was derived from two best of friends who wanted to bring fun & quirky hand care and home fragrance to the UK and shake up the market! So Best of Scents was created during the day job at 40’000ft.


Chris and Dan have a passion to create products that you want to use in your everyday life. The products are designed and manufactured by them, so you know that every single product has had the time and dedication it deserves. 

Having met seven years ago we have cultivated a successful flying career together in a very short time. Our international experiences inspire our product ranges, and we continue to use our travels to bring you new Scent-Sations.. We love meeting all our customers at the national events we attend, as well as meeting unique and inspirational people everyday when we are in the skies. This is what creates the eclectic ranges that you can explore today.


Having started during the pandemic with just the humble HandyBac® in eight scents, we now offer a full hand care and home Fragrance experience in over twenty different scents!


We would love you to join us on this journey, as to us it all just makes ‘scents’! We promise that we will try to make your world a more Scent-Sational one when you step on board with us!

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